ATLE offers the FIRST Parent-Child Montessori classes in Western Canada for children between 2 months and 3 years old.

Parent-Infant Classes (2 months – walking)

Picture a place where you and your infant are free to explore and enjoy a Montessori environment, learning from each other’s movements and reactions. It’s a place where you are not alone – where other parents join you to discuss issues associated with raising an infant, from developmental milestones to child care.

The focus of this unique program is to aid parents as they experience the first year of their child’s life, using Montessori methods and materials.

One morning each week, parents and their infants come together with the program facilitator to grow, learn, and bond. Discussion topics are chosen by the parents, and the activities employed help parents understand their role as their child’s first teacher.

Parent-Toddler Classes (walking – 3 years old)

Toddlers are curious. It’s this probing nature that drives them to discover the world in which they live. This program encourages parents to give their child independence to investigate on his or her own. This allows the young explorers to develop budding skills, such as fine and gross motor coordination and visual discrimination, through the senses and learning materials.

Although child-focused, the Parent-Toddler Program is also a forum for parents to talk about concerns they may have, with other parents and the group facilitator.

The weekly meeting is a chance for parents to observe their child as he or she builds relationships with other toddlers, and to acquire insight into their child from a Montessori perspective.

Home Consultations

Throughout any stage of your child’s life, ATLE is available for a home consultation. Your success as a family is dependent on providing your children with the right physical and psychological environment at each changing developmental level.

The better functioning of an environment is a key factor in your children’s success at home. We will help to make your environment flexible and practical, looking at the specific needs of your child. We will give you tips and strategies for utilizing space and offer suggestions regarding the materials needed to better support your child’s age and ability.

Just as important as the set up of the physical environment, the psychological preparation of the adult is crucial. The adults need to have an understanding of child development and we will provide you with invaluable information on what to expect from your child at each stage.

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