Who We Are

ATLE is BC’s leading provider of educational services based on the Montessori Philosophy.

What We Do

At ATLE, we are committed to assisting families through the many stages of their child’s life by offering stimulating programs for children between birth and 12 years old.

Along with programming, we work in collaboration with parents by providing them with knowledge and tools to understand their child’s specific developmental patterns and abilities based on cognitive science.

Our Story

Christie Stanford, Founder of ATLE, saw a need to provide children with the opportunity to experience rich and stimulating learning environments outside of the traditional school model.

After working for many years in Montessori schools, Christie saw over and over again that the individualized teaching style and specific materials used in these environments provided all children with an incredible base of knowledge and the ability to incarnate information in a positive and meaningful way.

Thinking beyond the common programming that is available to children in the Vancouver area, Christie designed a unique tutoring program based on the Montessori curriculum for 3-12 year olds. After many years of success, this ATLE tutoring method continues to grow in popularity with many families whose children attend Montessori schools and also those who are unable to.

Understanding that the most critical period of development begins in the early years, Christie felt it necessary to start the first Montessori program in Western Canada for children under three years old. These classes are set up with developmentally appropriate learning materials to support the child during the rapid period of absorption and brain growth that occurs during this period of life.

ATLE employs a team of specialists to run our programs and we look forward to the possibility of working with you and your family.

For more information about the Montessori Philosophy, please visit the following websites: